Giving Back

Giving Back to local cultures and communities

We believe that by engaging in travel in a deeper, more intentional, and more meaningful way, travel has the power to transform our lives and create lasting change in the world. We unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel by seamlessly integrating unique and impactful that give you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the rich Tanzanian culture few truly experience – while making a positive social impact at the same time. We want you to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the true Tanzania, and easily DO GOOD when having the time of your life.

When you travel with us, you will arrive as visitors and leave custodians of the wild!

Impactful experiences that put you in direct touch with the local communities.

Our Experiences


The mission of CA Tanzania is to support people living with autism and co-occurring conditions through capacity building, advocacy, community awareness and developing opportunities for success.

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